• Vis-à-Vis Leadership

    Providing Human Resources (HR) consulting services and intensive training to leaders who want simple tools that get


    "Krayz Workplace Results (KWR)"


    "KWR" = Unexpected + Innovative + Different + Better for all


  • Every leader needs training because…

    people are messy and complicated

    Choose Vis-à-Vis because…

    I share insights in an intenive period of time so you can quickly improve your HR operations


    I know new leaders rarely get the training they need to deal with their workplace reality


    I have decades of hands-on experience leading people and operations including 10+ years leading in a Unionized environment


    I am working to redefine HR towards building Humanistic Relationships

  • The people stuff using the Shift Process

    Using the Shift Process organizational diagnostic, I can quickly narrow the focus as to what your organization needs

    For example:

    Setting-up an HR department in your organization which can be funded 50% by the Quebec government tinyurl.com/bdmte2xk


    Concrete recruitment and succession planning frameworks


    On-boarding guidance that works to clarify expectations


    Developing a custom performance oversight framework


    Compensation strategy and policy development that reinforces the behaviour you are looking for


    Conducting a culture diagnostic that aims to get feedback from the front and middle, not just the top of the pyramid


    Facilitating brainstorming sessions including silent brainstorming


    Human capital management software implementation guidance

    I offer 16 intensive unique learning modules that includes project management for non-project managers

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  • About the founder

    Not afraid to strive for "Krayz workplace results"

    Subibe Choudhury - Vis-à-Vis Leadership

    Subibe Choudhury

    Subibe has been in a hands-on leadership role for close to two decade including working with indigenous communities.


    He is the author of 7 works available on Amazon Kindle. He has extensive experience providing leadership training to front-line managers and upper leadership.


    Applying knowledge gained through an undergraduate degree in Commerce with a concentration in Finance and a Master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in non-profit administration, Subibe has worked to achieve "Krayz workplace results" by engaging staff in initiatives and taking a proactive approach to leadership.


    His perspective on leadership can be summarized by one phrase, “leadership development starts with self-reflection.”

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