Where there is a problem, there is an opportunity

The new marketing is simple, “you have a problem, I have a solution.”

Some find this cliché yet the reality is, if a potential client has a problem and you in fact do have a solution that might alleviate their pain, you might have sale.

Problems come in many forms.

People don’t have time.

They don’t have the experience, skills, or abilities to do the job.

They have better and more important things to do like spending time with family and friends.

They simply have no clue what or how to tackle the endeavor.

Given this, opportunity lies.

The opportunity needs to be costed-out to have real impact.

Not too high, not too low, just right.

For argument’s sake, the bigger the problem, the higher the price tag up to the point whereby a person might say, “It’s work it for me to figure this out rather than pay that high price.”

Another element to consider is who else can solve their problem other than you and what are they charging and offering and how is your offering different and/or superior?

This becomes you selling point and the cliché becomes another French word niché.

Now, all you have to do it get them to look at your solution and see how your unique solution can help them solve their problem and take action.

In order to make this happen, pain a picture for them of the current state and future state.

Ask them questions such as “what does life look like without this problem?”

“What does life look like if you do nothing?”

“Is taking action worth their time, effort, energy and money?”

Make your client the hero of their own journey. They choose to act, and they save the day for themselves or their friend and family.

Lastly, get a simple testimonial of their life before your solution and after.

Problems can always be opportunities.