A good question is a beautiful thing

A few months ago, I was relaying to a colleague that a good question is a valuable thing and not everyone asked good questions.

A good question can open a conversation and work to align people who may seemingly be on different sides of the coin.

For example, in one instance whereby tension was arising, I asked a simple question of everyone at the table, “what was each person’s goal or objective in this situation?”

Interestingly, everyone had the same answer and by hearing we were all literally on the same page, the tension subsided and there even was laughter.

Questions can also be great for self-reflection, particularly when faced with challenging career choices.

Here are some questions that I have asked myself in the course of the last few years.

How passionate am I about my work?

What gives me satisfaction to do on a daily basis?

Do I look forward to going to work each day?

Do I feel valued and appreciated at my job?

How are my contributions making a difference?

How am I growing and learning in my current role?

Do I align with my company’s work values and culture?

Am I comfortable with the workplace environment and culture?

Do I feel that my salary and benefits reflect my skills and quality of my experience?

Do I have a good relationship with my colleagues and superiors?

How does my job affect my mental and physical health?

What would I do if I were not afraid?

Some of these questions might be easier than others to answer.

In my estimation, at some point in all our careers, we likely need to answer these questions otherwise we risk losing time staying in a role that may no longer be well suited for us.

Answering these questions has helped me make difficult decisions a bit easier and less scary to make. I know I am moving in the right direction that aligns with my personal and professional goals, even if the journey might take a bit of time.

A good question is an invaluable thing.