The "good employee (GE)"

Going back decades, I have had a differing of perspective with others in leadership with what I considered to be a “good employee (GE)."

What I will briefly describe might on the surface be what many of you might consider to be a GE.

So, to provide perspective, I will write another post about the alternative to the below in a later offering.

First, I have been told that what makes a GE is one that does what is in their job description.

Next, it was relayed to me that a GE follows direction well and does what they are told.

Third, supervisors have told me that they appreciate when staff bring-up problems and even report on mistakes of other staff.

Moreover, some leaders have mentioned to me that what makes for a good employee is that they stick to the script, follow what is in the manual and do the work according to protocol.

Lastly, a GE considers the perspective or management, leadership and/or the organization and considers this above all else.

This to many I interacted with was a “good employee."

Reading this, many of you might agree with what I have presented above, and I would not fault you for that.

That said, I will share an alternative perspective to this in an upcoming passage.