The “good employee (GE)" part 2

On the flip side of my last post, I will briefly relay what I have come to recognize as some elements of what I consider a “good employee (GE).”

I have never been a fan of just considering what is in my own job description (JD), yet I do understand if some people only did what was within it.

I respect an employee’s job description and I normally never ask anyone to do anything outside of it.

That said, one important factor to consider is if a person has been doing their job for some time, the job description is likely old.

The JD may not reflect what the work involves today and might not reflect what is needed.

I have also proposed to people that if they have stuck to their JD for many years, have they really learned and really grown?

The key is to recognize what is needed today and proposing an update to the JD and yes, if the role has expanded and the responsibilities have increased, leadership need to consider the compensation may need to change as well.

Another element that I appreciate in a GE, is the ability to find problem before they arise and work on improving processes.

That said, I always advice people not to make themselves integral in the process, be important yet not essential. A good process should not be completely dependant on any one person.

A GE does not have the need to make themselves feel important or essential.

Next, a GE finishes what they started. This one, I have to admit was not always easy for me. I would start many things and not always finish them all.

So, what I have learned to do is not start more than three things at once and only add more when something gets finished.

Many people are averse to change, on a certain level, I understand this. Yet, the people I have appreciated the most were the ones that were open to change recognizing that change is a constant.

Change is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Lastly, a GE is someone people want to work with and knows that it is also ok to have fun at work.

What is fun can also be good for work by keeping processes light and making work easier for everyone including for the clients.

A “good employee” is good for everyone.