Top 10 wish list for 2023

Happy New Year.

In thinking of what to post at the start of this year, I decided to relay a wish list.

After having worked close to three decades in different office environments, there are certain common elements that I have noticed or rather common frustrations I have had.

Granted, these are based on my personal frustrations, yet I would not be surprised if others shared them as well.

That said, instead of just constantly complaining which I find is somewhat unprofessional, I will endeavor to create a Top 10 wish list.

I wish:

1. Organizations would consider alternatives to Robert’s Rules of Order for meetings and recognize that writing protracted meeting minutes is painful for the minute taker.

2. People would call or talk face-to-face instead of sending emails as the predominant means of communication, especially for sensitive matters.

3. Command and control leadership would really be left to the military instead of still being subtly present in many work environments.

4. Leadership would apply to themselves first what they would apply to staff.

5. Technology was not immediately considered as the primary solution to a broken process.

6. More time was spent on building trust in all directions before rules and regulations are put in place.

7. Emotional intelligence was a mandatory training in school, at work and for life.

8. Organizations would really consider mistakes as learning opportunities and not just say they do, yet in reality punish as a first reaction.

9. People could see that fake it until you make it is very different from practice to improve.

10. That we can recognize that if we want a new kind of workplace and diversity at the highest levels of all types of organizations, we need a new kind of leadership mindset.

This is my wish list for 2023 and I place myself square in here as well towards aspiring to improve, share, learn and continue to grow.

I wish you all the best in 2023.