As we enter a New Year, I wanted to end with a topic that I believe is of paramount importance.

Life transitions.

Specifically, making transitions in life, purposely and consciously.

This is in contrast to life transitions that come somewhat naturally like reaching a certain age, graduating from school, getting a first job, the passing of someone close to you, etc.

I came across this idea a few years ago and found it much more challenging to do than on the surface.

In fact, when I started with self-reflection, I realized that I had made very few significant transitions in my life and almost none in recent years.

I also came to realize that not making significant transitions might contribute to the idea of “going through a rut.”

And I could easily see how this kind of stagnation could result in what is commonly known as a “mid-life crisis.”

Granted, it is not easy nor everyday that life transition opportunities will present themselves nor even possible.

The idea is to be cognizant of this avenue.

That said, this type of step can be very scary.

I looked back and identified opportunities I might have had to make a significant transition and did not do it.

I recognized that in every instance, it was fear that held me back.

The fear factor combined with the inner voice can be so powerful, almost insurmountable at times.

I won’t dwell on what might have been if I had taken those steps yet look to the future as to what can be.

And, I know the fear factor and inner voice will always be present, possibly holding me back.

So, what I decided to do is ask myself a simple question when faced with possible transitions.

“What would I do if I was not afraid?”

Asking and answering this question enabled me to make several significant transitions in the last few years.

Each time, everything has not only worked out, it improved and I feel as if I have thrived and grown.

To be fully transparent, there were very challenging moments, and more are likely to come. Yet, during the journey, each time, I have built my resilience.

I look at resilience like glass. Yes, we are all vulnerable, especially if we only have one layer. As time passes and we build our resilience, we add layer upon layer.

As we build layers, even if tested, one layer might be damaged, yet the glass won’t shatter.

As the glass remains in tacked, repairs can be made to the damaged layer and in the process, another layer can be added.

Having made several significant transitions that have come with challenges, I am in a better position now and with more resilience.

In contrast, I know if I had not made those transitions purposely and consciously, some form of transition might have happened to me and my resilience would not be what it is today.

As such, the negative impact of the transition might have been more severe.

Looking back, this has happened to me before and, I have seen it happen to others around me.

Needless to say, lesson learned.

At this point, you might be wondering what kinds of transitions are possible?

In brief, changing jobs, moving within your city or to another city, going back to school or changing careers, starting a business, doing significant charity work, leaving an unhealthy situation, distancing yourself from snakes, write a book, make a movie, invest, buy, sell, own, create, give, dream.

Anything but the status quo.

So, when faced with a possible transition, ask yourself, “what would I do if I was not afraid?”

In answering, make the transition, face the challenges, build resilience, grow and then repeat every so often as new possibilities appear.

Goodbye for now, until the next transition in 2023.